Surprise Party Success!!

Yay! The party was a hit!! The birthday boy was totally surprised! Which, he explained later, was either because I hid everything very well or I didn't hide it at all, he isn't very good at noticing the obvious... Hmm... I don't know what to say to that.

Planning this party was a reach for me. I am not a planner. I do not organize things well. It was totally a last-minute thing to get everyone and everything put together. Aryan and Kirby did most of the work. The party was graciously held at their house instead of mine. Only they know what it took to get the house ready. They even bought some "30" decorations that hung from the ceiling, not the cheap-o crepe paper stuff either, nice cardboard shiny things that twirled. Nice! I had fun trying to put a "30" into Phil's glasses. Bummer they wouldn't stay there... Anyway. They picked up the cake I ordered. It was by far the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but it tasted divine! Hopefully I will remember my colors the next time the baker calls to tell me that they do not have white whipped icing. Then I will not have a brown, blue and red cake. It was awfully grotesque! Like I said, I wanted white whipped, but had them substitute chocolate since they didn't have what I ordered. Side note: The bakery lady called me Saturday morning while Paul was in the room next to me. She told me they didn't have the white whipped, would I prefer buttercream? I said, "Well, I don't prefer it, but I guess." She rattled off the list of icing options and I chose the chocolate whipped. There wasn't a mention of cake colors and it totally escaped my mind until I saw the ugly thing. At least I only paid $14.00 for it. Julie made it a point to mention that for $2.00 she could have made me a cake that looked WAY better than that. Point taken. LOL

I think everyone had a good time. I am a little concerned that my in-laws would have rather not seen my drunk friends play Rock Band, but other than that, I think everyone inv0lved was pleased with the turn out.

I learned how to play a new game and I got re-united with another. All in all, it was a blast!



I am planning a surprise birthday party tonight for Paul, as he just turned 30 this past Wednesday. I am under the impression, as are his work buddies, that he has no idea what is going on. Tee hee hee, the plan is working!! :) I am so excited about tonight!!! My parents are watching the kids overnight (yay!!) so I have all night with him. More on this later; we shall see if my plan went off without a hitch... He is a smart man, there is a rather high chance that he is going to know something is up... We shall see, fellow bloggers. We shall see!

If only I had a power cord for my silly camera! I would love to have pics of this!

FFF - Unique

Okay, so today is Saturday, but my Fun Foto Friday pick is Nathan. He is the epitomy of unique. He has a certain style that I am sure I will never understand. As you can see by the silly sideways smirk, he is the "make you happy" kid. He tries to do anything and everything to make someone smile, laugh, and get over a bad mood. He is also the child that causes me the most grief, for the same reasons mentioned above. Please pray that Nathan and I will find a way to get along and love each other.



The word unique reminds me of my 8th grade "recognition". We were recognized; we hadn't graduated, there is a difference.

One of the teachers, Mr. Hoppe, stood in front of my class and the audience seated on the bleachers, and began his speech. I can't remember everything, but I do remember this: He said each one of us sitting in front of him was Special, Unique, and Different.

My mom coined this phrase for me that night: "You are a SUD." She uses it from time to time even to this day.

Mom also used to say, "Beautiful Daughter, yes!" To which I would reply with a sincere "No!" I didn't think I was, therefore, Mom should not be saying such things. But my mom is a wise woman; I have since learned that, yes, I am beautiful. It just took Mom saying it 30 times a day for the past 12 years for it to sink in. Love you, Mom. Always will.


Picture Time!

VBS last summer at the Chapel. The kids had a great time.

Seat me next to the irritating talker, please

I absolutely HATE it when people stare at me without rhyme or reason. At least SAY something! Maybe we could have a conversation!

The breakup

He simply never called me. I figured we were through.


My Parents

Aww! Married in 1975 and still going strong, here's to you, Mom and Dad! Hip hip hooray! ♥


Fun Foto Friday: I tried to do a home haircut and failed

Isn't it ironic?

I spent the majority of the day yesterday in bed with a high fever, bad headache, and nausea. I was up from dinner time until around 9:30pm, but I stayed on the couch for most of that time. I felt lousy. I laid back down in bed only to fret and fret about being too hot and too cold. Slowly but surely, my body finally gave in and I was able to sleep for a few hours. I woke up because I had a horrible pain in my eyes (and yes, that is my new phrase, btw!). I have such a fever that my eyes are hot too. Oh how they ache! Anyhow. I got up to get a drink and go potty and laid back down, only to once again, fret and fret. This time I was freezing. I turned on my heated mattress pad, snuggled deep down in my blankets, and curled in to the fetal position. So as I lay there, trying to get the perfect temperature and comfort balance, my mind is racing 100 mph. Which is amazing considering the "drunken stuper" I was in yesterday with this silly fever.

So these thoughts I have been having: What if the kids come home from school and I am passed out on the floor? Will they know what to do, whom to call, etc. What about the electric bill? Did we ever pay that? Oh, the mortgage is due too. Oh, I wish we could just get that van already. I owe Chase Bank so much money, I can't believe that they haven't sued me yet. Oh, but WHAT about the kids? I really should explain to them what to do in an emergency situation. Tomorrow, if I am thinking better, I will talk to them. What should I say? Who would they call? Xander would call Nick. I'm so glad he finally memorized that number! Aaron would call Paul, I am almost sure of it. Nathan.. Nathan wouldn't call anyone. He would be right by me freaking out. Bless his heart. Xander would too, now that I think about it. Crap. That leaves Aaron. What if Paul didn't answer? Do they know how to call 80/20? Dad gets off at 2, would they call him?? Should I tell them to go to the neighbor? Do they even know the neighbor??

Then I remembered something from my Bible Study, Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild. "It's not true... Yet." I am a worrier, as you can see from the above frenzy of thinking. But Jennifer (and the Bible) is telling us not to worry, that God will take care of tomorrow's troubles when tomorrow comes. So I told myself that it wasn't true, that I needed to stop this non-profitable monologue. Wouldn't you know, it even worked.

So, regarding the irony of fevers. They are ironic because while my insides are burning, cooking every last internal organ, my body is SO cold! I cannot get and stay comfortable. My bones hurt. Is this the flu? Isn't that when you have body aches and pains?