Garlic Basil Chicken

Garlic Basil Chicken from Homemade Gourmet®. It's what my family is having for dinner. What are you having?

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School's Out for Summer

Now that I have you all singing that song... HA!

Yesterday was my boys' last day of school. I have mixed emotions about this summer. For one thing, I am grateful that I am able to stay at home with them and spend some time figuring out who they really are.. On the other hand though, I haven't the slightest idea of what we will do until August.

If anyone has any ideas, I will definately try them out! Cheap or free is best!! :)


FFF- Say Hello to my little friend... Ethan

If you don't know who Ethan is, let me introduce him. This little fellow, who turns next Thursday, belongs to a friend of mine. I met her (well, her and her husband) when I worked at 80/20, they both still work there. Sara works 9-5ish and Josh worked 10-6am. All was fine until November when 80/20 got rid of third shift, coincidentally, that is when I quit my job. Quite the timing, right?? Anyway. So Josh works second shift now, although they are continually changing his hours. Sigh. Working for "the man" is tough.
So these pictures went in backwards order... Starting from the bottom and working back up: Ethan earlier this month, sound asleep on my bed. Next, Ethan playing in the dome tent I bought for $10 at a garage sale. Yay! Next, another cool find, the mail box has a bee on it that buzzes. In the next picture, I am holding him because he is SO tired and refuses to be put down. And finally, the end result. After much protesting, he finally passes out on his diaper bag.
I love this boy. I think he loves me too.

Fave Foto Friday - Last Week's Blooper

I am a blooper, what can I say! I am late for everything, even my own blogging! Ugh!!

So here's the story (of a lovely lady?? No, Mols, shush up, I'm telling a story!! As I was saying...) about my blooper pictures. Yes, pictures. Because I can't just show you one. I got a call from the school nurse last week. She told me that Xander was playing around with his arms inside his sweatshirt - as I have seen lots of kids do - like he was wearing a straight jacket. Well, he got a little too carried away and ended up falling down with no way to stop himself. So he went face first into the floor. He told me he was sitting on a bench and hit concrete. How accurate this is, I will never really know. All I know is that she told me he fell, his mouth was bleeding, and his lip is pretty beat up. But his teeth were all there and fine, he looked a little worse for wear, but he was alright, all in all. Finally, I could breathe again. He is fine now, btw. I didn't take a "healed" picture, but he looks just like he did before the fall. But I think he will think twice before putting himself in a straight jacket again. Lol.


Catching up...

So. I blew it. I gave up. I am finished. I am not dieting anymore.

I have had it.

No, it really wasn't like that at all. I was starting to see results, I really wanted to continue... But... It is so hard to do something when the rest of your family doesn't. I only have so much willpower. I know that God uses our weaknesses to make us stronger, which really just makes me feel worse about it, like now I have truly let God down too.


I just need to try to limit what I put in this mouth of mine. More good, less bad. Drink more water - yuck! Limit the Pepsi - oh how I love it! You get my drift, I'm sure. You all know my pain.


I have started my new business. I am an independent consultant for Homemade Gourmet®. This is my personal website www.homemadegourmet.com/molliedirig. This company is here to help bring friends and families back to the table. I am so excited about this new chapter in my life! I have my Cook Off this Tuesday. I can't wait to see where God leads me with this venture!


We went to service tonight at the Chapel. Something my pastor, Rick Hawks, said didn't quite settle with me. As you may know, I am on medication for depression and anxiety. Mostly anxiety. He was talking about how God leads us through the storms of life, not over it, under it, around it, etc, but through it. How we as Christians (and non-Christians, too) sometimes think that we are shielded from the bad things because of our faith, that we are protected from them, when in fact God told us that we will have trials and tribulations. It is how we deal with them that should be the difference. "When I'm weak, You make me strong" as the lyrics and scripture go. He mentioned something about depression, how we are spiritually unwell... Even now as I try to type my thoughts, I am still unsettled.

Am I doing this to myself? If I were in the Word more, talking to Him, singing to Him, living with and for and through Him, would I still be plagued with this madness that pummels through my brain? Is this a consequence of some ill or rash decision that I once made?

I am unsure of myself now. I thought that I was doing alright. I don't like that I have to take a medication, but I am honest enough with myself to know that I am not perfect, that my reactions to my family, friends and life are not ideal. So I take a daily med.

Does that make me weak? It shouldn't. But at the same time, yes, I feel weak. I feel inadequate. I feel as if I am not "right" on my own, that I need something or someone to help me be "right" or "normal".


Will you pray with me?

Heaven help me. Father God, oh Abba! You know what I need. You know me, my thoughts, my going out and coming in even before I know it myself. I ask you tonight, O Lord, to show me the way You wish for me to go. Do I need this medicine? Is there another way for me to deal with this issue? What is Your will? I pray that I would hear Your message loud and clear and more than that, that I would implement whatever it is that You say. In Your Name I pray, amen.


It's been a while..

I almost forget how to blog. Oh wait, it is all coming back to me now. I just go on and on about whatever is wobbling in my head, right?? Lol.


I just got a call from my gyno. Yeah, we all like those calls, don't we... So I thought they were just telling me that my pap came back normal, cause I have had some issues with that before. Well, it was, but they wanted to tell me I needed a prescription for some bacterial blahblahblah. Great. If it isn't one thing, it's another. I shouldn't be suprised tho. I have always had blatter issues. I do not drink water. Not that I don't drink enough, I don't drink it. Period. I don't like the taste of water. It is so... tasteless. Ugh. No water means no pee which means bacterial infection. Yay. Sarcasm, anyone??

I have been doing the South Beach diet for the past week. I am doing moderately well. During the day, I do fine. I eat my eggs for breakfast, have a sensible lunch and dinner... But I have night-time cravings. Last night, it was for the left-over nachos that the boys didn't eat. No, I didn't eat a whole bag of chips, but no, I am not supposed to be eating chips at all. The cheesy salsa was okay, not too many carbs, plus it has other things that slow down the digestion of the carbs. But add the chips to that... Oh no. Recipe for disaster??

I went on the South Beach diet because of my trip to the gyno. I had gained 6 pounds in the last month. I'm not sure why, if it was the foods I eat combined with the lack of exercise, plus the new med I am on for my anxiety?? One or the other or all?? Either way, if the med is what made me gain the weight, then I will back off of the food, regulate what I eat, stay away from the snacky carboholic things and hope for the best. So far, I have lost 2 pounds. I'd say I am on the right track.

I am really hungry for some fruit tho. Consolation prize: I can have some next week!! :)

I am 40 pounds away from my goal. I know I can do it. I did it last year, but gave up, and then it all came back. Poo. This time, Gadget, I have you right where I want you!!

I love the idea of South Beach. You eat protein (meat, eggs, peanut butter), dairy and veg for two weeks, for Phase 1. You lose crazy pounds. Then you go to Phase 2. Start reintroducing things back into your idea, one at a time. If you gain weight, you go back on Phase 1 (or simply stop eating whatever it was that made you gain.). Following Phase 2, obviously is Phase 3, where you will be for the rest of your life. You can eat what "normal" people can, obviously watching, being careful to not over-indulge. If you gain, you get back on Phase 1 until you get back to your target weight. It is so simple. I hope I am capable of following through. It would be so much easier if I could get the family on it too. But they all need to gain weight while I need to lose.

Life is so not fair sometimes.


Family Gatherings

Easter weekend went by fast. Church with my brother and sister-in-law was great. I could tell that Zack was excited to be there, to see how another church does its thing. It was really nice to have them right next to Paul and I. We don't get to do that too often, so I am grateful that they could make the service. We went out to eat at Bandido's afterwards. I had to make a reservation for 14. Lol. I think the kid I spoke to was a little put-off, if that is the right term, that we had so many people right after a pretty popular church let out on a Saturday evening. Oh well. They made their money that night, let me reassure you!! :)

The extended family got together yesterday. That was really fun. While the youngsters and my parents, aunts and uncles were outside with the egg hunt, Zack, Laura, Paul and myself were inside looking at old family photos. That was really great. I remember Zack saying he would have liked being outside with the kids, that he usually isn't into looking at pictures, but he was having fun anyway. There were some classic long-haired Dad ones, prom pictures, wedding pictures. Some of the cousins in various ages and hairstyles. Lots of pictures from up at Jellystone.

Tonight we met at Mom and Dad's (and Grandma's, as she does live there too now, upstairs). Mom and I made spaghetti stretch to feed 13, which I thought was pretty remarkable really, as I am not talented in the culinary arts. I burnt the garlic bread a little bit. Paul got on me cuz I don't use a timer. Who needs a timer? We all have noses; we can smell when it is done, right??!!? Lol. I had a chance to really snuggle with my little Dima nephew. He is so tiny! I am used to my rough and tumble 6, 7, and 9 year olds. Dmitry is 4 but he seems so small. I am amazed at how little his fingers are. And his feet. He is just so cute. He kept asking me what my name was. I would tell him and have him repeat it. Adorable. He's a sweet kid. A little hyper (is that putting it lightly, Laura??) but sweet. I can see that there is a lot of good in him. He just needs to find a way to channel it. Meghan was a little under the weather, the poor girl. Amelia ran and played with my boys, especially Nathan, who befriended her right away at church on Saturday.

Tomorrow we have plans to visit our Aunt Gayle at the nursing home.

I hope this wasn't some run-on blabble fest. Just needed to put a voice to my randomness. More tomorrow, if I remember... :)


Fave Foto Friday! My birthday week!

My van!!!!! Happy birthday to me!!! Paul bought me my 2000 Toyota Sienna on Saturday, as an early birthday present. I was so STOKED! I came barrelling in the house, running (like I tell the kids not to do, but I was SO excited!!) for Paul, "Let's go for a drive! Let's go for a drive!". Poor guy. He had barely made it in the house before I pulled in the driveway. Then I drug him and the boys back out so I could drive my new (to me) mini-van. I have named her Minnie. Original, I know. :)

Xander (and Nick, his daddy) bought me these flowers. I didn't get a good shot of them, but they are pretty. One of the flowers got HUGE, then it slowly wilted, as they tend to do.

A flower cupcake!!! These were delivered to me at the house. Paul is one tricksy man, I tell you what! The card reads "Happy Birthday Mom. We love you very much. Nathan, Aaron and Xander". Obviously Paul got them on Saturday when he was "running errands" with the boys. That also explains the above mentioned mini-van. :)

Crazy Daisies!!! I love these! They are prettier today than when Mom and Dad brought them over to me on Monday night. They are doing very well! The water is tinted purple. I love how they are so bright, vibrant, full of life. AH! Refreshing, you know, after all the drab and blahs of winter. Yay Spring!!

So there you have it. It seems like everyday I was getting something for my birthday. A card or two would straggle it. The flowers came all at different times. The van preceeded all. 27 is a good year to be, I guess. I was spoiled rotten!!
I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. Without them, life would not be as grand as it is. Thanks to everyone who offered a birthday wish or greeting of any kind. It means the world to me.


FFF - Beach

Hey, I haven't slept yet, so for me, this is my Friday night!! :) This pic is from a loooooong time ago; also, it is the closest that I have to a "Beach" pic. We were on a Dolphin cruise. We didn't see any dolphins but we had a cool boat ride. :)

My first job: Library Page

I was a Page in the Children's Department at my local library. I was 15. I think I made $5.15 an hour or something rediculous like that. It was the easiest job I ever had. When people (patrons) returned their books, I would scan them back into the system, reshelve them, and straighten as I saw fit. Oh, I also had to clean the guinea pig cages. That stunk. Literally.

Stuck in an elevator with Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard
He's freakin hilarious!! Although, I may wet myself from laughing so hard... Can I bring an adult diaper, too?? lol


Here, have a million dollars

If I am giving away a million dollars, the recipient would be someone who is in a definant need. I am thinking about all the third world countries who do not have clean running and drinking water or toilets, sanitary waste disposal methods. How about all of the places where the natives are without shoes and clothing. What about all the babies everywhere that die from malnutrition and diseases that could be avoided. These are the people that I would be looking at. It would be a hard decision, but ultimately, I feel that I would have to split the money between those countries and people who have the greatest need. Education would be another thing I would look into. If I give all this money to people, I would want them to know how to continue on the path I have led them on, not become stagnant.


Surprise Party Success!!

Yay! The party was a hit!! The birthday boy was totally surprised! Which, he explained later, was either because I hid everything very well or I didn't hide it at all, he isn't very good at noticing the obvious... Hmm... I don't know what to say to that.

Planning this party was a reach for me. I am not a planner. I do not organize things well. It was totally a last-minute thing to get everyone and everything put together. Aryan and Kirby did most of the work. The party was graciously held at their house instead of mine. Only they know what it took to get the house ready. They even bought some "30" decorations that hung from the ceiling, not the cheap-o crepe paper stuff either, nice cardboard shiny things that twirled. Nice! I had fun trying to put a "30" into Phil's glasses. Bummer they wouldn't stay there... Anyway. They picked up the cake I ordered. It was by far the ugliest thing I have ever seen, but it tasted divine! Hopefully I will remember my colors the next time the baker calls to tell me that they do not have white whipped icing. Then I will not have a brown, blue and red cake. It was awfully grotesque! Like I said, I wanted white whipped, but had them substitute chocolate since they didn't have what I ordered. Side note: The bakery lady called me Saturday morning while Paul was in the room next to me. She told me they didn't have the white whipped, would I prefer buttercream? I said, "Well, I don't prefer it, but I guess." She rattled off the list of icing options and I chose the chocolate whipped. There wasn't a mention of cake colors and it totally escaped my mind until I saw the ugly thing. At least I only paid $14.00 for it. Julie made it a point to mention that for $2.00 she could have made me a cake that looked WAY better than that. Point taken. LOL

I think everyone had a good time. I am a little concerned that my in-laws would have rather not seen my drunk friends play Rock Band, but other than that, I think everyone inv0lved was pleased with the turn out.

I learned how to play a new game and I got re-united with another. All in all, it was a blast!



I am planning a surprise birthday party tonight for Paul, as he just turned 30 this past Wednesday. I am under the impression, as are his work buddies, that he has no idea what is going on. Tee hee hee, the plan is working!! :) I am so excited about tonight!!! My parents are watching the kids overnight (yay!!) so I have all night with him. More on this later; we shall see if my plan went off without a hitch... He is a smart man, there is a rather high chance that he is going to know something is up... We shall see, fellow bloggers. We shall see!

If only I had a power cord for my silly camera! I would love to have pics of this!

FFF - Unique

Okay, so today is Saturday, but my Fun Foto Friday pick is Nathan. He is the epitomy of unique. He has a certain style that I am sure I will never understand. As you can see by the silly sideways smirk, he is the "make you happy" kid. He tries to do anything and everything to make someone smile, laugh, and get over a bad mood. He is also the child that causes me the most grief, for the same reasons mentioned above. Please pray that Nathan and I will find a way to get along and love each other.



The word unique reminds me of my 8th grade "recognition". We were recognized; we hadn't graduated, there is a difference.

One of the teachers, Mr. Hoppe, stood in front of my class and the audience seated on the bleachers, and began his speech. I can't remember everything, but I do remember this: He said each one of us sitting in front of him was Special, Unique, and Different.

My mom coined this phrase for me that night: "You are a SUD." She uses it from time to time even to this day.

Mom also used to say, "Beautiful Daughter, yes!" To which I would reply with a sincere "No!" I didn't think I was, therefore, Mom should not be saying such things. But my mom is a wise woman; I have since learned that, yes, I am beautiful. It just took Mom saying it 30 times a day for the past 12 years for it to sink in. Love you, Mom. Always will.


Picture Time!

VBS last summer at the Chapel. The kids had a great time.

Seat me next to the irritating talker, please

I absolutely HATE it when people stare at me without rhyme or reason. At least SAY something! Maybe we could have a conversation!

The breakup

He simply never called me. I figured we were through.


My Parents

Aww! Married in 1975 and still going strong, here's to you, Mom and Dad! Hip hip hooray! ♥


Fun Foto Friday: I tried to do a home haircut and failed

Isn't it ironic?

I spent the majority of the day yesterday in bed with a high fever, bad headache, and nausea. I was up from dinner time until around 9:30pm, but I stayed on the couch for most of that time. I felt lousy. I laid back down in bed only to fret and fret about being too hot and too cold. Slowly but surely, my body finally gave in and I was able to sleep for a few hours. I woke up because I had a horrible pain in my eyes (and yes, that is my new phrase, btw!). I have such a fever that my eyes are hot too. Oh how they ache! Anyhow. I got up to get a drink and go potty and laid back down, only to once again, fret and fret. This time I was freezing. I turned on my heated mattress pad, snuggled deep down in my blankets, and curled in to the fetal position. So as I lay there, trying to get the perfect temperature and comfort balance, my mind is racing 100 mph. Which is amazing considering the "drunken stuper" I was in yesterday with this silly fever.

So these thoughts I have been having: What if the kids come home from school and I am passed out on the floor? Will they know what to do, whom to call, etc. What about the electric bill? Did we ever pay that? Oh, the mortgage is due too. Oh, I wish we could just get that van already. I owe Chase Bank so much money, I can't believe that they haven't sued me yet. Oh, but WHAT about the kids? I really should explain to them what to do in an emergency situation. Tomorrow, if I am thinking better, I will talk to them. What should I say? Who would they call? Xander would call Nick. I'm so glad he finally memorized that number! Aaron would call Paul, I am almost sure of it. Nathan.. Nathan wouldn't call anyone. He would be right by me freaking out. Bless his heart. Xander would too, now that I think about it. Crap. That leaves Aaron. What if Paul didn't answer? Do they know how to call 80/20? Dad gets off at 2, would they call him?? Should I tell them to go to the neighbor? Do they even know the neighbor??

Then I remembered something from my Bible Study, Self Talk, Soul Talk by Jennifer Rothschild. "It's not true... Yet." I am a worrier, as you can see from the above frenzy of thinking. But Jennifer (and the Bible) is telling us not to worry, that God will take care of tomorrow's troubles when tomorrow comes. So I told myself that it wasn't true, that I needed to stop this non-profitable monologue. Wouldn't you know, it even worked.

So, regarding the irony of fevers. They are ironic because while my insides are burning, cooking every last internal organ, my body is SO cold! I cannot get and stay comfortable. My bones hurt. Is this the flu? Isn't that when you have body aches and pains?


My Daddy

I have this on MySpace, but I figured I could reach my "other audience" if I put it on here as well.

While I have your attention, please keep in mind that the following is from the other day, Friday the 13th. Such a creepy date, such a superstitious frame of mind... Anyway. Dad is fine. That is what I need to make quite clear. Dad is just fine. We aren't sure what he did, pulled a muscle or something, but otherwise, a-okay.

Read on... :)

I look back at the last twenty-six years and I am amazed at the changes that I have gone through with my dad. I have always known that he loved me and wanted me, he was just always busy working and didn't get to spend a lot of time with me. Dad is a good man who has a good heart.

During my Girl Scout days, Dad took me to the Father-Daugher dances, getting all suited up for me, allowing me to buy a new outfit and get gussied up for him on our "date". I may look at those pictures and say, "Wow. I am really glad that Mom and Dad put me through braces!" or "What was I thinking with that hair/dress/whatever?" but I also see a dad who loved his daughter enough to put up with all the junk that having a daughter entails. (Not that I know personally, because I have all boys, but I do remember bits and pieces of my horribly selfish temper-tantrum days... Unfortunately.)

The day that I really realized that I had a special place in my dad's heart was when Xander was born. I will never forget the proud look on Dad's face. He held my son and looked at me, and at that moment, we weren't just father and daughter, we were both parents, and now I could see the respect we shared on a totally different level. That hasn't changed with the years that have flown by, the marriage and additional children that I call mine. Mom and Dad both accepted it all with open arms and open hearts. In fact, I think we are continually growing closer and closer together, so much so, that when either one of them is feeling under the weather, I take it considerably harder than I should.

I usually followed Mom a lot more than Dad, like I said, he was working most of the time. My grandpa Jack, Dad's dad, had his own business and Dad worked there with him. When Grandpa got old enough or sick enough, I'm not really sure, Dad started taking over more and more. That meant longer hours, working from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. some nights, more business trips, which consequently meant less time at home. I really don't know the details, I was too young to understand that people got sick and died... I like to live in my own little bubble sometimes and that bubble did not have a definition for disease, death, or other completely distructive things.

But after all of that, after having Xander and watching Dad play with him, connect with him, take care of him, expecting a wave of jealousy, I actually got a new feeling of, Wow, I am totally a Daddy's girl! I never knew it before. Sure, I always wanted Dad around. I wanted attention from him just like Zack and Trent did. But I was the only girl, so maybe I really did want it more... I don't know.

All I know now is that I love both of my parents so much and I cannot handle anything happening to them. Which brings me to today. My dad calls me around ten this morning. Yes, I admit, I was asleep. I have not been feeling well, and well, I like to sleep, so they both go hand in hand.

Anyway. Dad calls to ask me if I will come pick him up from work. Now. That is a rare and strange request for my dad to make. For one thing, Dad usually works through the pain. No matter what it is, he is there to do his job and he does it, minimal complaining, total focus on the job. Secondly, why didn't he call Mom who was off today? Third, please refer to my first point. I start to get really worried, because, as I pointed out, this just doesn't happen! He tells me to take my time, but he needs a ride home. I think it took me a half an hour to get there. Dad's friend and co-worker, Clif, is waiting for me in the parking lot. Now I know it is bad. My first thought is. "Oh, no. I am too late. They had to take him to the hospital!" Clif tells me that Dad's back started bothering him this morning and it is getting progressively worse. Okay. My heart starts to slow down a little. It is not a stroke or heart attack. Breathe in, breathe out. I can handle this. Clif then tells me to go to another door and they will bring him out.

I drive to Door 20 and park my car. I go inside and walk over to the Manufactoring Office, where I can see Dad, Clif, and a few other people through the clear polycarb windows. Dad is sitting in a chair, these folks are hovering over him, and even though I know it isn't a life or death emergency, I have this panic inside me. This is my dad! The man who practically walks on water! (Okay, Jesus did that, but you get my point.) This man has been around my whole life, and sometime, not today, but someday, he going to be taken away from me. To a better place where there isn't pain or sickness, this I am very much aware, but that doesn't reassure the selfish little girl inside me!

We all walk Dad to my car and get him settled in. He looks... Older. Pale. Pained. Strained. Weak. These are not things that typically describe my dad. Where did the strong, flush-faced, healthy dad of mine go?

"My Father in Heaven," I pray within myself, "this is my Daddy I have beside me. I know that one day, he won't be here with me anymore. He will be with You in a much better place, but for today, can You grant him the peace and comfort he needs? Can you bless him with healing? I know I am a selfish girl, but I need my Daddy! I can't lose him yet! Please, Lord, please."

We talk about how he feels, the pain med that another guy gave him, how that made him feel and almost pass out... I drive him home, hang around for a while to get him settled in, and I leave so he can take a nap, see how he feels later.

"I love you, Dad," I say as I hug him. "Take it easy. Please call me if you need me."

As I am leaving his house, I offer another prayer. "Lord, please. Watch over him. He needs You. Thank You for being there for him. I love You. Amen."

This is not a dramatic Mollie telling this story for attention. This is a sad Mollie who loves her dad so much that she will tell the whole world! I am so scared to lose him. Mom, too. They work so hard, deal with so much. I am so thankful for them. I wish I could do more for them, ease the burden, bring them more joy, more time...

The tears running down my cheeks are not the first, nor will they be the last, but they are a little river of sadness, of nostalgia, of "what if".


Fun Foto Friday!

Zack and Laura got us this limo for our wedding present. It was so awesome!! Thanks!!!
My favorite picture of my new husband. Reminds me of James Bond!

Paul, me, Mom and Dad (Bonnie and Dennis)

The whole bridal party: Laura, Juls, Missy, me, Paul, John, Nathan, Kirby

What Started it All

Welcome to my blog. Welcome to my madness.

I am almost 27, married with 3 boys (one biological, two step), have a cat and a fish, and I am addicted to Pepsi, chocolate, affirmations and attention.

Paul and I met while working at 80/20 Inc. I was a piddley little Order Entry girl and he the brilliant computer techie. Love at first-sight?? Not quite, but close. I was in a hard place with my bio son's father, Nick. He was still living with me at the time, even though life was quite rough with him there. He would have people at the house at all hours of the day and night, while I was trying to get some shut-eye and make sure that our little toddler was too. Nick is a good guy, I will say that right here and now, up front, but he and I were not good together. We make better parents apart from each other.

So, my story continues. Paul and I were talking at work, occasionally seeing each other in the lunch room, sometimes he would bring me back a treat from his lunch hour. A blizzard from the Dairy Queen, a sandwich from wherever he ate, that sort of thing. He would make me little paper flowers. Leave cards under my keyboard or in my desk drawer. Send me emails to brighten up my day. I have to admit it: This kind of attention really drew me to him. All I have ever really wanted was someone who would go out of his way to show me that he cared. I was in the presence of "the greatest man ever!" at least in my opinion. We went out for his birthday and as they say, the rest was history. We were married on 07/07/07, along with some 30,000 other folks across the globe. We honeymooned in Las Vegas.

The attention he once showered with me has slowed to a rare drizzle. I must be honest in saying that I am most disturbed by this. He got the "greatest man ever" award and very rapidly, he worked his way down to bonehead. I am a good woman. I take care of him, his boys and mine, this house that I despise, etc etc etc. Our communication is shoddy at best. Our sex-life? Oh, don't get me started on that! (Non-existent.) The kids? Whew. Now that is the real reason for this blog. I am at my wits-end with these boys. How I long for a girl! (If it weren't for the vasectomy he had prior to meeting me, we probably could've taken care of that by now, even with the rare bed-time activity.) Little pink frilly dresses. Pony-tails. "Ruffle-butt" panties and tights. Sigh... I have to rely on my nieces, god-daughters, and my friends' babies. Sigh...

More to come; this is just my introductory blog.