Family Gatherings

Easter weekend went by fast. Church with my brother and sister-in-law was great. I could tell that Zack was excited to be there, to see how another church does its thing. It was really nice to have them right next to Paul and I. We don't get to do that too often, so I am grateful that they could make the service. We went out to eat at Bandido's afterwards. I had to make a reservation for 14. Lol. I think the kid I spoke to was a little put-off, if that is the right term, that we had so many people right after a pretty popular church let out on a Saturday evening. Oh well. They made their money that night, let me reassure you!! :)

The extended family got together yesterday. That was really fun. While the youngsters and my parents, aunts and uncles were outside with the egg hunt, Zack, Laura, Paul and myself were inside looking at old family photos. That was really great. I remember Zack saying he would have liked being outside with the kids, that he usually isn't into looking at pictures, but he was having fun anyway. There were some classic long-haired Dad ones, prom pictures, wedding pictures. Some of the cousins in various ages and hairstyles. Lots of pictures from up at Jellystone.

Tonight we met at Mom and Dad's (and Grandma's, as she does live there too now, upstairs). Mom and I made spaghetti stretch to feed 13, which I thought was pretty remarkable really, as I am not talented in the culinary arts. I burnt the garlic bread a little bit. Paul got on me cuz I don't use a timer. Who needs a timer? We all have noses; we can smell when it is done, right??!!? Lol. I had a chance to really snuggle with my little Dima nephew. He is so tiny! I am used to my rough and tumble 6, 7, and 9 year olds. Dmitry is 4 but he seems so small. I am amazed at how little his fingers are. And his feet. He is just so cute. He kept asking me what my name was. I would tell him and have him repeat it. Adorable. He's a sweet kid. A little hyper (is that putting it lightly, Laura??) but sweet. I can see that there is a lot of good in him. He just needs to find a way to channel it. Meghan was a little under the weather, the poor girl. Amelia ran and played with my boys, especially Nathan, who befriended her right away at church on Saturday.

Tomorrow we have plans to visit our Aunt Gayle at the nursing home.

I hope this wasn't some run-on blabble fest. Just needed to put a voice to my randomness. More tomorrow, if I remember... :)


Fave Foto Friday! My birthday week!

My van!!!!! Happy birthday to me!!! Paul bought me my 2000 Toyota Sienna on Saturday, as an early birthday present. I was so STOKED! I came barrelling in the house, running (like I tell the kids not to do, but I was SO excited!!) for Paul, "Let's go for a drive! Let's go for a drive!". Poor guy. He had barely made it in the house before I pulled in the driveway. Then I drug him and the boys back out so I could drive my new (to me) mini-van. I have named her Minnie. Original, I know. :)

Xander (and Nick, his daddy) bought me these flowers. I didn't get a good shot of them, but they are pretty. One of the flowers got HUGE, then it slowly wilted, as they tend to do.

A flower cupcake!!! These were delivered to me at the house. Paul is one tricksy man, I tell you what! The card reads "Happy Birthday Mom. We love you very much. Nathan, Aaron and Xander". Obviously Paul got them on Saturday when he was "running errands" with the boys. That also explains the above mentioned mini-van. :)

Crazy Daisies!!! I love these! They are prettier today than when Mom and Dad brought them over to me on Monday night. They are doing very well! The water is tinted purple. I love how they are so bright, vibrant, full of life. AH! Refreshing, you know, after all the drab and blahs of winter. Yay Spring!!

So there you have it. It seems like everyday I was getting something for my birthday. A card or two would straggle it. The flowers came all at different times. The van preceeded all. 27 is a good year to be, I guess. I was spoiled rotten!!
I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. Without them, life would not be as grand as it is. Thanks to everyone who offered a birthday wish or greeting of any kind. It means the world to me.


FFF - Beach

Hey, I haven't slept yet, so for me, this is my Friday night!! :) This pic is from a loooooong time ago; also, it is the closest that I have to a "Beach" pic. We were on a Dolphin cruise. We didn't see any dolphins but we had a cool boat ride. :)

My first job: Library Page

I was a Page in the Children's Department at my local library. I was 15. I think I made $5.15 an hour or something rediculous like that. It was the easiest job I ever had. When people (patrons) returned their books, I would scan them back into the system, reshelve them, and straighten as I saw fit. Oh, I also had to clean the guinea pig cages. That stunk. Literally.

Stuck in an elevator with Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard
He's freakin hilarious!! Although, I may wet myself from laughing so hard... Can I bring an adult diaper, too?? lol


Here, have a million dollars

If I am giving away a million dollars, the recipient would be someone who is in a definant need. I am thinking about all the third world countries who do not have clean running and drinking water or toilets, sanitary waste disposal methods. How about all of the places where the natives are without shoes and clothing. What about all the babies everywhere that die from malnutrition and diseases that could be avoided. These are the people that I would be looking at. It would be a hard decision, but ultimately, I feel that I would have to split the money between those countries and people who have the greatest need. Education would be another thing I would look into. If I give all this money to people, I would want them to know how to continue on the path I have led them on, not become stagnant.