The Book of Daniel

Whenever I see or hear the name Daniel, I automatically start singing Elton John. I don't know why that is, but I just picked my new Bible study guide up and went into "Daniel my brother..". Sorry God. I hope you understand.


When I first starting attending the Chapel's women's ministry Bible studies, I never thought I would be a facilitator. Never in a million years did I think I would get up in front of a group and pretend to think that I knew anything there was to know about the Bible or what God has to say about how we live our lives. I still call myself a Baby Christian and I have been a true, self-confessed, holding Jesus in my heart girl for at the last four years.

I do love to make people laugh, though. It helps to break the ice when a new member is introduced to the group or if something awkward comes up in discussion. I tend to see myself as comic relief in those times. Hopefully, I am not being inappropriate. I also hope that God sees my true motives and that He is pleased with me.

I was first asked to lead a study during the Fall session. We had a book listed as available but without a leader listed, no one knew that it was a real class they could sign up for. I had been looking at the posting, Googling the book title, pondering, praying, thinking that maybe I could lead this one. It wasn't too long after that that I was asked to lead. I was still very unsure of myself, but agreed to put in some quality prayer time with the Lord to determine if this was something He wanted me to do or not. I guess He did because I ended up leading the Beth Moore study of David to a group of eight women.

For this Baby Christian, that was the right size! I became close to all of those women. I call all of them friends, something I might not have been able to do if I hadn't decided to let God lead me there.

When the Winter study options came out, I knew immediately that I wanted to do the Daniel study by Beth Moore. I signed up and paid for my book, carrying it proudly through the halls of the church. I went home and started reading through it. I sent a prayer heaven-ward telling Him that if He was willing, so was I, and to just have one of the ladies in charge ask me to lead. She called the next morning.

Study starts on the 11th. I hope that I am prepared for this one because the class size will most likely be in the teens and up. That makes me quiver a little inside, but I know that if God wants me have that many, that is exactly how many I should have, no matter how many quivers I have. That is Him working in me, right??

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