My Dog Penny

My dog makes me laugh. We bought her a dog bed. Do you think she uses it?? No. She doesn't. She finds any available shirt, blanket or random piece of material, works her magic and makes her own dog bed. Sometimes it frustrates me, like when the material she lays on is freshly laundered clothes. Ugh. I love my dog.

For Halloween, Penny was a Fairy Princess. On the way to town to Trick-or-Treat, I noticed this red feather boa I had in the van. I put it on her. Doesn't it make her look like a lion or something?? She cracks me up.

Whenever I get the camera out to take her picture, she spazzes out! She thinks the red-eye reduction light is a toy! She will paw at the ground for it, lick the air, nip at my hand to get the camera. We may have used the laser pointer one too many times, I think! She just loves it though. She goes crazy, running this way and that, up the hall and back. Oh, it is so funny. That is how she is now with the camera.

Paul likes to buy her sweaters. It is so cute and funny to have my six foot tall, muscled man buy this little dog sweaters. I don't think she likes them much, other than the warmth they provide. Without a sweater on, she just shivers and shakes. It's like a mini earthquake coursing through her body. It is funny and disturbing at the same time.

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